It's nice to meet you!

It's Nice To meet you

We are a laboratory dedicated to computer engineering targeted towards space technologies. The lab is located in the Lassonde Building, at Polytechnique Montreal, situated on the campus of the University of Montreal. The lab is just a few metro stops away from Montreal’s lively downtown area.


Polytechnique Montreal

2500 chemin de Polytechmiqe.
Montreal, QC, Canada, H3T 1J4

P: (514) 340-4711 x2370


Giovanni Beltrame Director

Professor in the Computer Engineering Department

Yann Bouteiller Master Student

Machine Learning, Computer Science and Microelectronics engineer

Ricardo de Azambuja Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a believer and a doer ;)

Hassan Fouad PhD Student

Exploring ...

    Marcel Kaufmann PhD Student

    I am passionate about space, like to challenge myself, and want to explore the unknown!

    Pierre-Yves Lajoie PhD Student

    Social progress will be through science

    Seyed Ehsan Marjani Bajestani PhD Student

    A soccer player who made soccer playing robots.

    Nicolas Valenchon Master student

    Real Time and Embedding Systems engineer

    Vivek Shankar Varadharajan PhD Student

    I trust in my hard work to achive the impossible.

    David Vielfaure Master Student

    Work hard and have fun doing it

    Dong Wang Master student

    have you ever heard about otaku?

    Wenqiang Du PhD Student

    Robots will be part of our lives. My job is to make it comes a little faster.

    Fang Wu Postdoctoral fellow

    I am large. I contain multitudes.

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