+ Hassan Anwar

I received my Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Pakistan in 2013, the Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (Islamabad, Pakistan) in 2008. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal (Montréal, QC, Canada). My research interests include cache design, hardware implementation of probabilistic systems and FPGA implementation of neural networks.

In addition to my studies, I play table tennis, I am fond of travelling and I have too much interest in international politics.

+ Current Projects

  • My doctoral research is focused on Probabilistic computer architecture on FPGA:

In this project, we introduce randomization in the timing behavior of all hardware components to make the system more predictable: if the stochastic behavior of the system is known, meaningful predictions can be made using arbitrarily-specified confidence intervals. In this context, real-time systems need a new approach for the design of their computer architecture. In this work, we propose the development of a fully stochastic computer, which has the potential to enable true randomized behavior in of its components.The hardware implementation of a stochastic processor will be the main goal. We will develop the hardware architecture for a stochastic processor which leads towards the development of the instruction processor design and memory interface and try to establish, improve techniques to cumbersome timing issues by not only improve the results of the older techniques but also propose our own novel ideas and techniques for probabilistic computer architecture.

+ Scholarship and Awards

  • In 2013, I had received a Master Thesis scholarship from University of Turku, Finland to do my master thesis. I also served there as a research assitant.

  • I was also a recipient of the Faculty Scholarship for my Master’s (2011- 2013).

  • During my bachelor’s university gave me number of financial assistantships and need based scholarships.

+ Selected Publications

H. Anwar, M. Daneshtalab, M. Ebrahimi, J. Plosila, H. Tenhunen, FPGA Implementation of AES-based Crypto Processor, in Proceedings of 20th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems (ICECS), pp. , 2013, UAE.

H. Anwar, M. Daneshtalab, M. Ebrahimi, M. Ramírez, J. Plosila, H. Tenhunen, Integration of AES on Heterogeneous Many-Core system, in Proceedings of 22th IEEE Euromicro Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Computing (PDP), pp. 424-427, 2014, Italy.

H. Anwar, S. Jafri, S. Dytckov, M. Daneshtalab, M. Ebrahimi, A. Hemani, J. Plosila,G. Beltrame, H. Tenhunen, Exploring Spiking Neural Network on Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable Architectures, in 2nd workshop on Many-core Embedded system (MES-2014),co-located with (ISCA-2014), pp. , 2014, USA.

  • Contact me by email: hassanbinanwar {at} gmail{dot} com hassan {dot} anwar {at} polymtl {dot} ca
  • Or find me on GoogleScholar, Facebook.

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