+ David Vielfaure

I received a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering from Polytechnique Montréal in May 2020. I am currently a master's student at Polytechnique Montréal in the Computer Engineering Department and more specifically in the MIST lab.

+ Current Projects

  • My master’s project consists in creating a simulated environment for training and testing real-time schedulers for YPC’s robotic kitchen. The project is done in collaboration with YPC technologies and Polytechnique Montréal under the Mitacs accelerate program.

+ Scholarship

  • Admission Scholarship from Polytechnique Montreal University foundation (2016)
  • Mobility Scholarship from Polytechnique International Exchange Program (2018)
  • International Project Scholarship from LOJIQ (2018)

+ Contact Information

  • Contact me by email: david {dot} vielfaure {at} polymtl {dot} ca
  • Or find me on [LinkedIn][1], Facebook

[1]: david-vielfaure-a0106a136/

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