+ Luca Giovanni Gianoli

I received the Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2010. In 2014, co-supervised by Prof. A. Capone and Prof. B. Sansò, I obtained a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at both Politecnico di Milano and Polytechnique Montreal with a thesis on energy-aware network management in IP networks. Before becoming a post-doctoral researcher at MIST (Polytechnique Montreal) under the supervision of Prof. Giovanni Beltrame and Prof. G. Nicolescu, I had held the same position at LORLAB (Polytechnique Montreal) for 18 months (directed by Prof. B. Sansò). My research interests include network optimization, operations research, robust optimization, cloud computing and networking.

Besides my research activity, I also love tennis, soccer, running, cooking and reading. In 2015, I concluded the Montreal’s marathon at the 34-th place in 2h59m. ## + Current Projects

My post-doctoral research is focused on: - optimization of ad-hoc networks in disaster recovery scenarios; - topology optimization in swarm robotics.

+ Scholarship and Awards

  • In 2015, supported by Prof. B. Sansò and Prof. E. Delage, I was chosen among the two candidates who were granted a 6-month Postdoctoral scholarship from the Group for Research in Decision Analysis (GERAD)

+ Select Publications

  • E. Delage, L.G. Gianoli, and B. Sansò (under revision for Operations Research) A practical robust counterpart formulation for decomposable functions: a network congestion case study - available here
  • B. Addis, A. Capone, G. Carello, L.G. Gianoli, and B. Sansó (to appear) Energy management in communication networks: a journey through modelling and optimization glasses - Elsevier Computer Communications
  • B. Addis, A. Capone, G. Carello, L.G. Gianoli, and B. Sansó (2014) Energy Management Through Optimized Routing and Device Powering for Greener Communication Networks - IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 22.1, pp. 313–325
  • B. Addis, A. Capone, G. Carello, L.G. Gianoli, and B. Sansó (2014) On the energy cost of robustness and resiliency in IP networks - Elsevier Computer Networks, 75.October, pp. 239–259
  • E. Amaldi, A. Capone, and L.G. Gianoli (2013) Energy-aware IP traffic engineering with shortest path routing - Elsevier Computer Networks, 57.6, pp. 1503–1517
  • A. Capone, D. Corti, L.G. Gianoli, and B. Sansó (2012) An optimization framework for the energy management of carrier ethernet networks with Multiple Spanning Trees - Elsevier Computer Networks, 56.17, pp. 3666–3681

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