+ Christian Guss

I am an Electrical Engineering and Information Technology B.Eng student at Hochschule Hannover (University of Applied Sciences and Arts). Currently I am doing a research internship in the MIST Lab under the supervision of Dr. Giovanni Beltrame.

Apart from my studies,  I have been a musician for almost 15 years and I love to make music and to play the guitar.

+ Current Projects

I am working on Updatable Buzz (Dynamically updating rules for robot swarms after deployment) by enhancing the existing update system to securely deploy delta updates within a swarm.

+ Scholarship and Awards

  • I received the “WIR / Deutschland” scholarship for talented and high-performance students and the “Best first part of the course ‘Electrical Engineering and Information Technology‘ in the regular study period” from the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2016.
  • For my research internship I received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
  • Contact me by email: christian{dot} guss{at} gmail{dot} com
  • Or find me on LinkedIn.

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