+ Anthony Dentinger

I’m a Computer Science B.Eng. student at Polytechnique Montréal. I plan on graduating in December 2019.

I especially enjoy working on a team, seeing the results of my hard work and learning about technologies I hadn’t heard of before. I sometimes work on personal projects on my free time, which has allowed me to familiarize with –or sometimes learn– various technologies such as CMake, Flash applications, Jenkins, Gerrit, Flex and Bison.

+ Current Projects

  • I’m working on BittyBuzz, which is an implementation of the Buzz programming language for microcontrollers. This will allow researchers to perform swarm robotics experiments on large swarms of cheap robots without the need to re-implement swarm-related features. Possible long-term applications include nanorobotics. MISTLab wishes BittyBuzz, if possible, to fit on the ATMega328P microcontroller of a kilobot. The main constraints of this project are the the program space (32KB, including bootloading program) and the RAM size (2KB). For this project, I work with another Computer Science B.Eng. student, Emir K. Belhaddad.

+ Scholarship

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