I received my MSc degree in Photonics and Computer Vision from the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany, in 2016. In addition to my studies, I worked as a scientifc software engineer for S[&]T in the Netherlands. As an undergraduate and graduate student, I also provided first aid and life support to people during my assignement as Emergency Medical Technician for the German Red Cross.

+ Current Projects

  • My doctoral research focuses on collaborative human and multi-robot systems.
  • Also working on a self-adaptive data handling system for cube sats.

+ Recent Scholarships and Awards

  • First Place in Hackatown programming marathon (2018)
  • Space and Satellite Professionals International Scholarship (2017)
  • International Space University Scholarship awarded by the European Space Agency and EUMETSAT (2017)

+ Select Publications

  • M. Barthelemy, M. Kaufmann and G. Beltrame (2018) Automating the Design of Thermal Control Systems - 16th International IEEE NEWCAS Conference (in review)

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