Distributed, Online, and Outlier Resilient SLAM for Robotic Teams

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ARGoS Simulation

Welcome to the ARGoS multi-robot slam simulation. The goal of this simulation is to showcase our distributed implementation of the Gauss-Seidel pose graph optimization technique combined with our distributed inter-robot loop closures outliers rejection technique.

Since the setup is quite complex we provide a Docker Image lajoiepy/doorslam-argos-simulation to easily run the simulation. Although we don’t recommend it, you can look at the Dockerfile for the setup instructions.

The following instructions indicate how to start the simulation.

1. Log/result folder setup

Designate a folder ( HOST_FOLDER ) to share files between the host machine and the Docker container. The simulation results and logs will be store in this location.

Create a folder named datasets inside the HOST_FOLDER.

2. Launch container

Run the following commands:

sudo x11docker --hostdisplay --hostnet --user=RETAIN -- --privileged -v HOST_FOLDER:/home/docker/robust_distributed_slam_simulation/argos_simulation/log -- lajoiepy/doorslam-argos-simulation:latest

3. Start simulation

Open a shell in the container and run the simulation

docker exec -it $(docker container ls -q) /bin/bash
cd ../home/docker/robust_distributed_slam_simulation/argos_simulation/
argos3 -c robust_distributed_slam_random_walk.argos

Press the simulator play button.

Visual output The simulation presents ARGoS logs log file results)

Bonus: If you want to edit the code and configs

Start a shell in the container and run the following command that will start VSCode.

code --user-data-dir


More details on how to build the image are available here.