Distributed, Online, and Outlier Resilient SLAM for Robotic Teams

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Simulation Build Details

Those instructions refer to this Dockerfile.

Acces to GUI

The ARGoS simulation needs access to a graphical user interface to work. Many options are available to have access to the GUI of the apps running in your docker container. I propose using, but feel free to use another one. Note that I will assume the usage of x11docker in some of the following commands.

Build the image

For the first build execute:

docker build . --tag rdpgo --network host

If you modified the code from this repository and you want to use the latest version, use the following command:

docker build . --tag rdpgo --network host --build-arg CODE_UPDATE=<dummy-arg>

Be sure to change the CODE_UPDATE value every time to invalidate your build cache.

The ARGoS download link on this line might change overtime and might need to be updated. Look here for the latest link:

To run a container

Use the following command while specifying a folder on your host machine to store the log files from the simulation.

sudo x11docker --hostdisplay --hostnet --user=RETAIN -- --privileged -v <log-folder-on-host-computer>:/home/docker/robust_distributed_slam_simulation/argos_simulation/log -- rdpgo:latest

Launching the simulation

If the correct ENTRYPOINT is specified in the Dockerfile, the simulation should start with the previous command.
Otherwise, you can start a bash shell into the container with the following command:

docker exec -w /home/docker/robust_distributed_slam_simulation/argos_simulation -it <container-name> /bin/bash

You can check the <container-name> using docker ps.

Then you can start the simulation yourself by going into the folder /home/docker/robust_distributed_slam_simulation/argos_simulation and executing :

argos3 -c robust_distributed_slam.argos

To debug with Visual Studio Code

Some editing and debugging tools are installed in the image for development purposes (gedit, nano, strace, valgrind, and Visual Studio Code). To debug the code from this repository:

  1. Open Visual Studio Code in the folder /home/docker/robust_distributed_slam_simulation with the --user-data-dir /home/docker/code/ argument.
  2. Launch the simulation as explained previously.
  3. Start the (gdb) Attach configuration in the Visual Studio Code debugging tool and select the running argos3 process.
  4. You are ready to place your breakpoints and debug!


For further questions or comments, feel free to contact me at :